Taylors Rooftop Bar X Summer CBD Style

Taylors Rooftop Bar X Summer CBD Style

With summer now in full swing, Taylors have handed over their rooftop to Koyomi to provide you with the best summer spot in the CBD. Enjoy one of Japans most loved spirits, Shochu, in the heart of the city, since you cant in Japan.

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About Koyomi Shochu

Shochu is a traditional Japanese spirit, dated back to the 16th century, and is still today one of Japans most consumed spirits.

Shochu is a low calorie spirit made from various ingredients including sweet potato, rice, sugar cane and barley.

This well-balanced spirit is best enjoyed with fruity and light sodas including Koyomi exclusive flavours; lime & yuzu, mandarin & grapefruit, and blood orange & bitters.

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Sake VS Shochu

Shochu is a distilled spirit, whilst Sake goes through a fermentation process, similar to wine.

Soju VS Shochu

Soju has a very similar distilling process to Shochu. The greatest difference between to two is that Soju is a Korean spirit and often has many added sugars that Shochu does not.

Vodka VS Shochu

Shochu has a lower alcohol content than vodka but the two spirits share many ingredients. Both spirits can be made from rice or wheat, but the specific difference is that Shochu uses sweet potatoes whereas vodka will use corn or regular potatoes.

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The refreshing summer flavours Koyomi has offered us are the perfect drink to sip on this summer at Taylors Rooftop.

The now Japanese inspired rooftop bar designed by Koyomi has lifted the face of Taylors and given us a fresh new look for summer sessions.

Our new look combined is also paired with a new food and cocktail menu, serving fresh summer salads, and fruity fresh cocktails. *add a link to new menus*

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New Alfresco Dining

The Sydney CBD is looking a little different this summer with the introduction of street side dining for various council approved venues. Taylors is lucky enough to be able to incorporate street side alfresco dining, Taylors Pitt stop on Pitt Street.

Our street side garden style seating is the perfect spot to unwind after work or enjoy the Sydney sun this summer.

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We cannot wait for you to see all our new instalments at Republic Hotel and Taylors Rooftop! Book your perfect summer sessions with us here **insert hyperlink*