Butcher’s Thursday


This offer is no longer running. 


From certified dry-aged to top-grade succulent Wagyu, our chefs are carefully curating some of the best cuts of Australian beef & serving them up classic style with frites & Café de Paris at butcher prices.

The meats being featured are ‘sweet cuts’, this includes eye fillets, scotch fillets, sirloins, rib on the bones and more. Plus, unique cuts displaying incredible eating characteristics like the Flank, Inside Skirt & Flat Iron Steaks.

Dine in, select your steak, sit back and enjoy with 35-50% off the retail price.

Bon appétit


We source the highest quality product from some of the most reputable Australian Beef purveyors:




Westholme cattle graze on pristine tracts of Mitchell grass  and are grain-fed proprietary blends to produce rich marbling, signature tenderness and a juicy steak, every time.


Teys Group


The Australian livestock are raised in a healthy environment of natural pastures, or in renowned feedlots where cattle are finished on grain.


AACo’s Premium Beef


AACo is known around the world for its family of beef brands, its care of over 7 million hectares of prime Australian pasture, and its passion and commitment for beef production.